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Let Majha Financial Services help grow your business today with competitive financing.

If you are planning to buy equipment or technology for your business but what you can finance is less. We can help you acquire, beyond your imagination with our affordable financing solutions and avoid hassle for securing new or used equipment.

What is Equipment financing?

Equipment financing is a loan for buying machinery and equipment required for  running the business. You can use an equipment loan for anything from buying trucks, trailers and medical equipment to farm machinery.

Why is Equipment Financing Important?

Equipment financing helps you scale your business without covering the full cost through your own funds. Also it is easy to qualify as there is a physical collateral attached to the financing. 

Equipment we finance:


The transportation (Truck and Trailer) industry has huge affect on economic growth as all kinds of industries including retail stores, hospitals, farms, gas stations, banks, etc depends on it. We find customized financial solutions so you can push in commercial trucking business.


As the whirring of heavy machinery echoes throughout the factory, it’s hard to imagine the industries work without this machinery. But with hefty price tags attached, it seems impossible to finance. That’s why we provide industrial equipment financing. “Its just not about the tools – it’s about the investment in company’s future.”


Medical equipment are expensive, and most healthcare facilities simply cannot afford to buy everything they need outright. This is where medical equipment finance comes in. Financing options give you the facility the flexibility to purchase the latest equipment while maintaining budget and keeping operations running smoothly & increase efficiency. Reach out to us for customized solutions.


Hospitality equipment finance offers a lifeline to passionate restaurateurs . This specialized form of financing caters to the unique needs of the
hospitality industry, allowing entrepreneurs to obtain the necessary equipment without the burden of large upfront costs. Hospitality equipment finance is more than just a practical solution; it is an investment in the future which allows you to build a thriving restaurant empire, one delectable dish at a time.


In the heart of the bustling city, where the dreams of builders and visionaries flourish, there exists a world unseen by many – a world of towering cranes, mighty bulldozers, and unstoppable excavators. But there exists a hurdle that obstructs progress – the eternal battle between financial limitations and aspirations of grandeur. However, fear not, for a solution has emerged from the depths of imagination – construction equipment finance! Embrace it, wield it, and together, let us forge a world of unimaginable wonders!

Office & Technology

Entrepreneurs don’t let your dreams crash down by the towering cost of office space and technological resources.fuel your growthandpropel the success with financial solutions we are providing.

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